Simon Hayre BSc Hons

Senior PHP Developer


In my current post as a senior PHP Developer at Wren Kitchens, I lead a team of developers working on the company's eCommerce website.

Previously I have worked as a Web researcher/developer, for a JISC funded project to help stimulate the local economy.

In past roles I have supported client IT needs, including network problems, email or website issues. I have experience working as a lead developer for the HALO EPOS-R iPad and for the ACDM mobile project for Bytron (Mediademon's sister company).

Ever since I dismantled my first pocket calculator, I have had a passion for computers. I guess you could say, I wrote my first program when I was 11 years old after receiving my first electronics kit which came with a bunch of relays. Using a remote control circuit board and a few motors, I put it all together and made a remote controlled lock.

At college I built my first computer program using Pascal, which was an easy language to pick up and this inspired to to learn more. Whilst studying at college I also built my first website, which consisted of college events and student life. I think it was an early Facebook using static HTML and Javascript.

After leaving college, I dabbled with retail and eventually returned to education at 21 to the University of Lincoln in 2005. Whilst at University I learnt how to develop websites using HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS and I successfully wrote my final project using PHP as a way to protect intellectual property of images from copyright theft. In my spare time I built websites for other student's projects and for local businesses.

I graduated in September 2009 gaining a 2:1 with Hons in BSc Web Technology. In the same year I moved to Hull and started working at Simon Storage in Immingham as a Network Technician. Nine months later, I started at ACT and progressed from there.